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Score HD is a satellite site of the Massive Tit Network, the Score Group, who runs such gems as Scoreland and Voluptuous, etc. Scoreland has come up for a fix to the mumbling about video quality with the new flagship site of all things, HD, with score HD. This website features a lot of content in the Scoreland universe, about 40 percent of the sites that it has underneath it’s umbrella. Score, XL, 18eighteen, Legsex, 40 something, as well as Bootylicious and Naughty Neighbors. If you take a gander at the Video Review, you can really get a sense of the scope and the breadth of this colossal website. Each scene is provided with flash teasers so you can see first if the scene that you want is worth downloading or not. Most of the time, they are.

In addition, they also have HD screencaps of most of the scenes so if your a true collector, you can get every facet of the scene that really touches you. You don’t have to download them individually either, you can choose and click the “zip” option as well, if you wish. Mind you, the site is growing, the full libraries of these websites, are not featured here, fyi, but the new updates, as of last year and going forward, are. You have a 5 minute clip option, as well as the full movie if you wish. You can “rate” babes that are your favorites, or just browse the descriptions and comment on the scenes if you like. As far as the individual models, you can see every pictorial, or video they have ever been in, by clicking the “bio” of the model in question. So when signing up, it’s most likely best that you get a discounted rate at the signup page, lest you send hate mail, because you can only download a portion of your favorite model’s content.

Of course, the older babes of Score are not featured, you know, the big tit legends that they have branded since the early 90’s. In closing, I must discuss the downloadable video bandwidth. It’s just not right to have less than a 100k data rate with an “HD” video. True HD quality is… wait for it, 13.8 mb/sec. When you skim on the data rate, you get pixelation, artifacts, etc. Your basically throwing away a huge amount of data for no good reason. I would certainly hope that they stop depressing the data rates. I love them too much and they are too good of a brand to be doing this with video encode. I mean, I’m a total tit whore, I want to see every vein in crystal clear HD clarity. Not a video that looks like it is Standard Definition and was simply stretched. Check out the Movie Trailers and see what you think, I did not mess with the encode at all. It is as it was. Not to say that it’s not a killer site, because it is, with a few changes in the video codec, Score HD can be the best Tit Site in the World!

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