As with all of my concepts, I think things like FAQ’s personalize the experience for the user and that’s kinda what I’m going for.  These are pulled from the old Naturally Voluptuous html site.  Maybe you already know, maybe you’ll learn something new.  I’m pretty much an open book with most subjects, and not shy about who or what I am, so there’s that.

Your reviews are all over the place, why?

I write “on the fly” as I’m checking out the model.  The giddyness, the anticipation, etc, etc.  Like a first date as it were.  That’s when I’m the most honest.  Probably the same with most of you and this is part of my brand for all of my niche adult directories.

Why do you keep completely recreating your sites?

Because I have really bad OCD, you should see me trying to lock my fucking door..  Flipside, you’re surfing the prettiest, most comprehensive damn titty directory on the net.

Why can't I download shit?!?

Because some of these girls want their promotional content all in one place.  Others might not even know that I’ve indexed them, but they way I see it, they probably feel the same way too..

Why you always talking about feet and shit?!?

I’m a foot fetishist that happens to also think that women with large to huge areolas are freaking hot and it makes the woman in question a more powerful Goddess to worship, so a different perspective maybe.

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