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Karina Hart is, hands down, one of the most beautiful Natural Big Tit models, ever to grace the computer screens of the internet! That’s a given. And ohh what a great time I had reviewing this website. She was born on September 4, 1987, in Brno, Czechoslovakia. She has a 42-inch, HH cup natural bustline, and other than maybe 2 or 3 other websites, the only content of Karina Hart, has been shot by Score. And in 2009, her Official website went online, this, being her Official site.

Browsing the members area was a snap, thanks to face forward navigation and the download speeds were easy breezy, coasting along at a smooth 1.6 mb/sec. The pictures are beautiful with elegant surroundings. You even had a nifty little bio that they offered, telling ya the background of the woman. Now I am totally in bed with Score, so to speak, I love, love, love the network that they have built since 1992, and even before the internet, I was grateful, when I got the chance to snag one of they’re magazines, so much love to the Score Group. That being said, the only bitch that i had about the whole experience, was the video quality. Sure, they are large videos, 1280×720, but the data rate is a paltry 200k per second, which made for some pixelation where there should not be any! Especially since I am sure that they shoot with the finest gear. Why not offer it in true HD? The video that I found, was not HD, but a stripped down version of the codec. This really dissapointed me, as I am a “collector”, and I want… fuck that, I need true HD quality! And to not have it in her library is just a travesty. But don’t let this disappoint you, she has several pages of video, that you will not find anywhere else, and I would say that the price of admission is fair, but fuck, please oh please, oh please, bump up the data rate of the video, so that I don’t have to subject myself to pixelation that has no business being there. I will give Karina Hart’s Official site, a solid 6.2 Now, go Check her out!

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