Well, I have seen XX-Cel in the past, and have always wanted a look inside to see if the price of admission was worth the price of the content and I was very pleasantly surprised. There are multiple categories, from Busty to Pregnant and Lactating to just browsing and beating off to the latest updates. From what I saw, there are over 125 models of all shapes and sizes, but mostly on the chubby to bbw side. And thats amazing to me, because I love, love, love Big Tit BBW women as it is.

The video is in varying formats, the newest big tit movies are in fact, .wmv HD files. If you don’t feel like browsing and downloading every picture individually, there is a windup option to let you download everything that you want. I am pleasantly surprised that I have not seen about 60 percent of these models, so I am thinking that the content is ultra exclusive. Sure, you will see some of the same models that you know and love, but you will also be witness to others that you may have never seen before. And if I haven’t seen this content before, I know damn sure you most likely haven’t. That is a definite plus in my book! The shots are fresh and he seems to have developed his own style over time, again, very cool.

Massive Natural Tit
  • Massive Natural Tit

  • XX-Cel is a Great Site with Lots of Big Natural Tit Content

The model mix is from American to Czech and European nationalities. There are black women, white women and everything in between it seems. The owner can be seen in some of the videos sucking on his models huge natural tits and other times, they are solo. It is not a hardcore site, so to speak. I mean, there is pussy spread shot, which are fabulous, but no fucking and only 1 lesbian set that I saw. The content looks to be lovingly edited with you in mind. All in all, I really fucking dig this site and we are super giddy to have this site on our network… finally!

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