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Hey, Welcome!  if you are a Big Tit Model, Clips4Sale Owner, Webmaster, natural or silicone, you are in for a treat.  As you can see, this Retro and Modern Busty Directory is immersive and unique. was launched November 2007 with much fanfare, originally starting off as the links page of  Almost 4 years and 300+ websites later, is one of the most popular Big Tit Directories in the world!  Not only that, but you have the power of the AfterDarkkMedia Network behind you.  We cover over 64 niches of eroticism and you will get exposure over a broad spectrum of our uniqe and diverse clientele.

Please Read these Rules to see if you have what it takes…

1. You Must have original content.  If I am listing your website, you should have at least 90 percent original content that looks nice.  Pictures that are yellow, green or red are NOT pretty.  I will not list those sites, and my surfers won’t click it anyway.  Also please have a nice, progressive design with shit that is not flying everywhere.

2. If you have a shitload of popups, circlejerks or any cookie manipulation, I will not list you here.  My surfers don’t want to be going from site to site clicking on shit that just takes you somewhere else entirely.  I love my surfers and do what I can to protect them, please understand. :)

3. Of course, ALL models have to be over the age of eighteen years old and absolutely no CP, Beastiality or Hardcore BDSM. i.e. – Bleeding, Pissing, Shitting, Simulated Rape, etc.

4. You must have a prominent link on your website pointing to us!  If you have a links page, we are happy to be there.   I do not do the auto submitter or traffic trader thing.  I post all links manually.  If you trade links with us, you are agreeing that you will never remove our links without letting us know beforehand.  It is common courtesy.  And if you do that, I will permanently black list you out of my network, forever.

5. Clip Stores, Image Accounts or Video Accounts will be reviewed on a case by case basis.  I know, and agree that “it takes a village”, in order to get noticed, but If you are interested in trading links, the rules of number 4 definitely also apply.

6. If you are a paysite, you are really encouraged to give us some level of access into your Members Area so that we may review and gather information about what your all about.  You get a ton more exposure and you also get listed on our Review Page.

7. If you are a Free Site, a simple link back is fine for inclusion here, just give us a good spot on your links page.

8. Please do not link to our review, page that you are listed or otherwise if that is your only link.  It is important that you direct traffic to

9. You may use a Text Link, if you choose to use a text link instead of a banner, please write “HD Big Tit Movies”, “Big Tit Directory”, “Busty Directory” “Big Tit Websites” or “Busty Websites”

10. Thanks a Bunch!

Word, Take Care People

ICQ – 621200102

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